Soul Winners Ministry Int'l

The Transformation Centre

who we are

Soul Winners Ministry is a Bible believing church that is based on Salvation, Righteousness and Deliverance. Here we are not only a church, we are one family united in the body and the blood of Christ.


1. To preach the word of God to all humanity
2. To proclaim the good news of God by the way of witnessing all over the world.
3. To bring healing and deliverance through the power in the word of God.
4. To assist the less privileged in the society.


5. To organize crusade by all means of communication including indoor and outdoor fellowship programme, outreach, revivals, seminars and workshops, video, television and radio ministering.
6. To see to the spiritual and physical well being and growth of its members, organize and provide for preaching, teaching and fostering the growth of the Christian faith in all places.
7. To carry on and promote evangelical and missionary work in any place within or outside Nigeria.


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